Mary Jo MHead Shot 2artin is an award-winning writer who gave up life inside the loop and now lives in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She is a member of the Houston Writer’s Guild.

A short story, Flowers for Lewis, is her first foray into mystery writing. Set in South Carolina, the plot includes domestic abuse, poisoning, and a murder investigation. It was published in the Houston Writer’s Guild Press short story mystery anthology, Waves of Suspense, in December 2015.

A medical mystery led her to pen an account of her quest to unearth her medical history on her father’s side. Instead, she found a big family. This work, Sibling Revelries, won first place in the memoir category in a Houston Writer’s Guild contest.

Mary Jo started her professional life as a chemist. Along the way, she sold out to the dark side and earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration. After years of successfully producing concise business text as a marketer and market researcher, she is now free to do “real” writing.

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